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​Célébrer la Vie

The selected oil paintings for this exhibition share the essence that characterizes the artwork: celebrating life through painting. Each piece is a unique showcase, a “VIVA LA VIDA” filled with brushstrokes that reflect a long process of creation orchestrated by all the small details that compose it, and which are never casual but rather the response to an intimate interpretation full of meanings.

Intense experiences directly intervene in the artistic process, prompting the artist to capture on canvas a dreamlike reality with which to visually obtain a conquest of her personal circumstances. All of this through an aesthetic that aims to soften the vicissitudes of existence, thanks to the creation of scenes of attractive exaltation.

The strength of the expression of the female countenance intertwines with the dynamism of intense colors, projecting a friendly and joyful universe that facilitates dealing with the countless grays that accompany us, while being, at the same time, protagonists of the ephemeral nature of a moment of jubilation

In her paintings, the artist shares her resilient inner gaze through a festive imaginary full of symbolism, with the desire to subliminally transmit a mood of enjoyment that infects the observer.

An obsessive longing to recreate scenarios where an inspiring spirit is appreciated, an energy of genuine and comforting beauty that optimizes the vital experience, is perceived in the canvases.

All the oil paintings share a common denominator: joy as a formula for facing life.

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