Series - Uplifting the Hearts

Each Oil represents a different phase of my existence, reflecting an emotional and mental state with a common denominator,

Joy as a recipe to face & confront Life. It is a manifestation that shows a commintment full of optimism and strength where I perceive laughter, colours, attitude….

Over the Rainbow.jpg
Uplifting the Hearts.jpg
Take the World on.jpg
If Life Gives You Lemons.jpg
Wink Airy.jpeg
Smile 2.jpg
Watery Wink 3 (1).jpg
CLIO051735 e final3.jpg
CLIO051776 e final4.jpg
CLIO051553 e final1.jpg
CLIO051694 e final2.jpg

Series - Laughter 

Each piece is a unique window, a "Celebration of Life", reflecting a lengthy process of creation orchestrated by all the small details that comprise this collection. Here, the human factor is, with its mere presence, the main character of the ephemeral nature of laughter, capturing a moment of joy and strength.