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Arriba los Corazones

(Uplifting the hearts)

Arriba los Corazones (Uplifting the hearts) is a war cry that my mom used to use in the mornings to invited me to join life. It is a manifestation that shows a commitment full of optimism and strength where I perceive laughter, colours, attitude…


This pictorial series emerges with the intention of sharing through the canvas an energy of empowerment, an attitude with which I start my daily journey and that transports me back to my childhood and early youth, evoking in my memory the drowsiness of waking and the promise of infinitive possibilities.


Uplifting the Heart encompass everything, because it spreads to everything. It is a mood of enjoyment, a positioning that transcends the frivolity of argument and its circumstances.


In this collection I have wanted to recreate a spirit that transform and improves.

I have used my brushes to portray reflexions and personal concerns, leaning towards gestures, colours, symbolism and a meditated composition that always responds to hours of study, and where details are never casual but an answer to a very personal interpretation full of meanings.


Each piece represents a different vital moment, an emotional and mental state with a common denominator, joy, as a recipe with which to face life.


Painting becomes a personal catharsis where I build alternative realities that favour me to show a claimed utopia.

I paint my energy, my longings and experiences with the intention of giving voice to my own story and channeling a very powerful internal speech.


Women in their many wrappers and shapes are the starting point from where I place myself to project a resilient heart that I visualize in all its fullness and where the strength of gesture provokes and becomes the main character of my works.   

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