Contemporary Artist

Clío Morarte

Her life deeply imprinted by her passion for colour and its visualisation through different techniques. 


In the wake of her mother's career, the artist has been immersed in the fashion world since childhood. By age twelve, she was a regular visitor to international showrooms in Spain, France, England, and Italy. These scenarios ignited the artistic flame that would inspire her to study in different countries. 


She started by joining the International School of Fashion Design, IADE, in Madrid. Where she reconciled her last year of studies with her work as a team member of the prestigious late designer, Gaspar Esteva. Always with the pencil or paintbrush ready in hand and surrounded by sketches and aquarelles. 


Afterwards, she graduated from The American College for the Applied Arts, in Los Angeles. She completed a BA in Fashion Merchandising and was fascinated by the American approach and contribution to the art world and contemporary fashion. Since then, this influence would have an effect in her planning and creative vision. 


She then finished her studies at The American College in London, where she obtained a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Business Administration, Cum Laude. Her taste for aesthetic visualisation and window-dressing led her to lead very successfully, an upmarket boutique in the heart of Regent Street, (Michelle O). 

The following years found her living in Johannesburg and London, where she worked as a Senior Fashion Buyer for the Edgars Group and Burton Group. She was directly involved in the selection of designs and patterns for the fashion collections, and visiting countries and cities played an important role in enriching and expanding her artistic foundation. 


She returned to Spain and got involved in the design of contemporary furniture where she completed various outstanding design projects for the private sector and fashion world. 


All along in her professional career there has been a recurring statement where prevailing feelings and emotions always merge in an experience expressed through a print, a garment, furniture, and interior design layout or in her latest facet through painting.


She was fortunate to grow up in an environment where her father mastered the drawing and oil paint technique,  while her mother was an art collector and an avid visitor to exhibitions and museums, allowing her to develop a sensitivity and taste in art which has evolved into her total immersion in painting. 


Collective Exhibitions:     

2014 Art Gallery El Sauzal Tenerife / España

2015 Art Gallery El Sauzal Tenerife / España


Solo Exhibitions:               

2018 Art Gallery Denneguer Estate Cape Town / Sudafrica

2019 Art Gallery Denneguer Estate Cape Town / Sudafrica

2020 Art Gallery Joaquín Amigo Real Casino de Tenerife / Spain

2020 Art Gallery Casa del Vino Museum Tenerife / España