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Uplifting the Hearts

Each Oil represents a different phase of my existence, reflecting an emotional and mental state with a common denominator,

Joy as a recipe to face & confront Life. It is a manifestation that shows a commitment full of optimism and strength where I perceive laughter, colours, attitude….

Wink Airy.jpg

Airy Wink

Wink Earthy.jpeg

Earthy Wink 

Wink Fiery.jpg

Fiery Wink 

Wink Watery.jpeg

Watery Wink


The Warrior in me

Harvet Time 6,4MB.jpg

Harvest Time 

CLIO051694 e final2.jpg

Sweet Dreams are made of this

Health wealth & Love 240KB.jpg

Health, Wealth &Love

Over the Rainbow 274KB.jpg

Over the Rainbow

Take the World 2,9MB.jpg

Take the World on

Life gives you Lemons 329KB.jpg

If life gives you Lemons

CLIO051735 e final3.jpg

Fortune Cookies

Chrysalis 289KB.jpg


Kiss me Lots 269KB.jpg

Kiss me lots

CLIO051553 e final1.jpg

I love me, I love me not

CLIO051776 e final4.jpg

The Reencounter

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