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Laughter is one of the most contagious and satisfying experience we share. This series arises from my desire to evoke, in some subtle way and through my paintings, a similar pleasant feeling of joy. 

I believe we are constantly influenced by our surroundings. The fusion of different visual stimuli, such as gestures, colours and movement affects us in a powerful yet subliminal manner. 

I am inspired by the strength of the female form and the interlacing of the woman´s two different skin tones with the vibrant beauty of colour. 


My always present fascination with patterns and their endless possibilities, allows me to project an entire universe that fills the canvases with life affirming colours, motifs, and textures that merge to convey a sense of joyous movement. 

For my work I have used oil as the main medium. Its flexible and generous nature helps me to follow a meticulous, unhurried process, where I am able to dedicate hours to the finishing touches in my obsessive search for a " Happy ever after", even if just on canvas. 

Laughter empowers me and generates, through my brush, a parallel world full of stimulus with transformative capacity, in the utopian quest for the best of my interpretation.

My senses meld during the creative process. In a constant Deja Vu, I recall images of perfect moments, perhaps lived, perhaps dreamed. Symbols that seem to evoke in a warm and enchanting way, memories of fragrances, lights, reflections...

Painting provides me with an inner resilience and grants me the opportunity to create and exercise choice and control. It is my way of fighting the never ending greyness of daily life. It is my loud and clear cry heard through colour and gesture. It is the echo of an intimate laugh that yearns for the dream life. It is the search for spontaneous, heart filling transforming laughter. 

Each piece is a unique window, a "Celebration of Life", reflecting a lengthy process of creation orchestrated by all the small details that comprise this collection. Here, the human factor is, with its mere presence, the main character of the ephemeral nature of laughter, capturing a moment of joy and strength. 

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