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Series - Laughter 

These pieces are unique windows, a "Celebration of Life", reflecting a lengthy process of creation orchestrated by all the small details that comprise this collection. Here, the human factor is, with its mere presence, the main character of the ephemeral nature of laughter, capturing a moment of joy and strength.


13.Celebrating Prosperity

Celebrating prosperity

Going Bananas

8.Olé My Freedom

Olé my Freedom

12.Dare to Be

Dare to Be

9.Laughing at Prince Charming

 Laughing at prince charming

7.Healing Metamorphasis

Healing Metaforfosis

...and I Feel

Wrapped in Life affirming colours

3.Going Up

Going Up

11.Mischeveous Eve

 Mischevious Eve

2.Spanish Shawl Gone Loco

Spanish Shawl gone loco

6.I am Still Standing

I am still standing

4.True Colours

True Colours Shining Through

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